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Bedtime Collection Wax Melts

Bedtime Collection Wax Melts

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Bedtime Bath 
Lavender | Chamomile | Vanilla 

Let our Bedtime Bath wax melt put you in a calm, safe, and relaxing state. This scent is a Johnson and Johnson bedtime bath dupe. Feel relaxed with this beautiful blend of lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. 


Pillow Talk
Coconut | Vanilla | Soft Amber  

Relax your senses with our Pillow Talk Candle. A smooth blend of coconut, vanilla, and soft amber, will leave you in pure bliss.


Sweet Dreams
Citrus | Coconut | Jasmine  

Escape into a wonderful dreamlike state with our Sweet Dreams candle. This candle is a magical blend of citrus, coconut, and jasmine. 


Jammie Time
Cantaloupe | Wild Honey | Lily 

Jump into jammie time with this playful sweet scent. A blend of cantaloupe, wild honey, and lily will have you feeling young at heart.  



Product Details 
  • 6 cell clamshell 
  • coconut soy wax
  • 15+ hour burn time
  • for use in an electric wax warmer or tealight warmer


How to use

Break off the wax cube from the clamshell. Place cube into electric or tealight wax warmer. Enjoy the fragrance. Once the fragrance dissipates, replace the wax cube with a new one. Only replace wax when the wax has hardened. Do not dispose of wax when it is hot and melted. Use a chopstick or spoon to scoop out hard wax from the warmer. 

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