About Sleep Easy Candle Company

    Owner of Sleep Easy Candle Company

     Hi, my name is Jenn, the creator of Sleep Easy Candle Company. To me, candles are nostalgic. I love when you can pick up a candle and match it to a memory. I enjoy mixing different fragrance oils to create really unique candle scents. Bakery scents are my favourite to work with; who doesn’t love the smell of baking! I have always been a very hands on and creative person. Before the pandemic, I spent the last ten years living and breathing the restaurant industry. My main interests were on food theory, mixology, agricultural practices, and customer service. Transfer these skills to candle making and you have some really delicious smelling candles with awesome customer service!

     My early introduction to candles helped me develop a passion and love for what I do now. When I was a kid, once every month my family would host PartyLite parties. This to me was a fun weekend as a kid, seeing family, cousins, and all the women come together. I loved smelling all the delicious scents and seeing all the beautiful candle holders lit up. 

     The name of my company stems from my love of lighting candles before bedtime. I always put on a candle, my cozy pajamas, and snuggle up with a good book. This is my bedtime routine. It gives me time to sit, reflect, and enjoy some time to myself. I hope that my candles can give you the same feeling and act as a reminder to let yourself enjoy some peace and quiet.   

     Every morning I wake up and look forward to connecting with all my customers on social media and encourage you to come follow us too! See you there! @sleepeasycandleco.

- Jenn xo


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