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Winter Wax Melts

Winter Wax Melts

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Enhance your space with our seasonally-scented wax melts. For the best experience, add 1-2 cubes to a wax warmer and breathe in the tantalizing holiday aroma.


1. Mahogany Teakwood
Mahogany | Oak | Lavender

An alluring blend of mahogany, oak, teakwood, and lavender. Woodsy meets mysterious. Mahogany Teakwood is a rich masculine scent that is perfect for every season. 


2. Santa's Cookies 
Cinnamon | Ginger | Nutmeg | Vanilla 

The best smell in the whole wide world! Freshly baked cookies! Who could resist?


3. Christmas Splendor
Cinnamon | Clove | Orange | Apple

A timeless combination of festive winter spices. This wax melt offers a balance of sweetness and spice, ideal for spreading holiday cheer!


4. Sugared Spruce
Spruce | Raspberry | Mandarin | Vanilla 

A refreshing mix of spruce, tart raspberry, mandarin, and cozy vanilla helps you picture a stroll in the woods on a brisk winter morning. This combination will keep you invigorated all day. A creative take on the classic pine-scented candle. 


Product Details 
  • 6 cell clamshell 
  • 100% soy wax
  • 15+ hour burn time
  • for use in an electric wax warmer or tealight warmer


How to use

Break off the wax cube from the clamshell. Place cube into electric or tealight wax warmer. Enjoy the fragrance. Once the fragrance dissipates, replace the wax cube with a new one. Only replace wax when the wax has hardened. Do not dispose of wax when it is hot and melted. Use a chopstick or spoon to scoop out hard wax from the warmer. 

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